This is with the application monitoring team. They are moving apps to cloud. This is an integration engineer. candidate will configure Datadog. They want someone who is familiar with cloud, Kubernetes, open shift(private or AWS) 100 remote 2 yrs of experience with Datadog APM ideally 2 yrs AppDynamics Integration Engineer to help with efforts in Cloud, Continuous Integration Delivery, and DevOps practices. 2 years experience with Datadog APM, EUM, SeleniumPython is required. AppDynamics experience tooling applications is also a plus. This role would provide hands on engineering to build capabilities to support multiple Agile software delivery teams and their platform needs. This person will have the desire to tackle hard problems and solve things once, so application development teams can focus on business logic and customer experience. This person would also guide and educate developers on security, automation, and cloud architecturetechnology. This person will work closely with security, Infrastructure, Risk, Middleware, and other areas of the company to ensure continuous delivery and DevOps are influenced throughout the value chain. Primary responsibilities include ArchitectDesignBuildSupport patterns and implementation details needed for Event Sourcing (ES) and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS). Willingness to work in legacy infrastructure and application as well as green field. Provide reference implementations and sample repositories that can be ultilzed by developers. Including testing libraries Docker Compose Log standards and forwarders Base level infrastructure automation that allows sample repo to deploy to non prod cloud Other developer needed supporting toolsconfiguration Be an evangelist who is willing to work across groups to foster a deeper understanding of Security, Cloud, CICD, and DevOps principles. Work as a technical expert who can go wide in application development and cloud architecture, but who can go deep in Security and Implementation details. Qualifications 5-10 years of experience in one or more of the following Java, Clojure, Scala, Node.js, IOS (Swift), Android, Ruby, or Python Experience with distributed cloud architecture and implementations. Specifically AWS services such as EC2, ECS, Lambda, API Gateway, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Kenesis. At least 2 years of experience with distributed messaging systems such as Kafka. At least 2 years experience with Infrastructure as Code and AWS AMI and Cloud Formation Experience architecting security into the solution. Experience with AgileJiraConfluenceHipChatSlack, JenkinsCoberturaPMDFindBugs. Educational, Certifications andor Other Professional Credentials Bachelors degree or 10-15 years IT Experience