Are you one of the elite Medicare sales professionals in America? ASSURANCE, the multi-billion-dollar insurance distribution platform owned by Prudential, has created a unique Pod Leader opportunity for you to lead a team of agents. Leadership duties include: Recruiting, interviewing, and building a pod of talented, high producing medicare agents through your network Coaching and motivating them to work through obstacles and become better at insurance sales Help them better listen and serve shoppers in need of quality Medicare insurance policies Lead kickoff meetings and ongoing 1-on-1 check-ins to prepare your Pod for success during AEP. The earning potential for Medicare Pod Leaders is particularly lucrative since youll earn for each recruit who goes through training and earns RTS status (earn commissions, overrides, and bonuses for hitting mutual goals). If accepted into the Pod Leader Program, youll receive intensive training so you and your team are ready to provide amazing customer experiences. Not to mention, youll have the invaluable opportunity to hone your leadership, training, and organizational talents. We expect compensation for top performers to be over $120,000 per year in bonuses and commission overrides in addition to six-figure compensation as a Medicare agent on the Assurance platform. COVID-19 will forever change Medicare sales leading carriers and distributors to move away from in-person sales and towards telephonic and work-from-home sales. ASSURANCE is built from the ground up with a focus on empowering work-from-home agents to complete telephonic Medicare enrollments. Our technology was built to handle todays modern work environment. Every day over 100,000 consumers come to ASSURANCE to find insurance and those in-market consumers are delivered straight to ASSURANCE agents. In response to this new normal, ASSURANCE has created the Pod Leader on our platform. This is a player-coach role where you will remotely build a team of true sales professionals, and are supported with world-class software, marketing, and contracts from the top national Medicare carriers. Agents have been flooding the ASSURANCE platform to take advantage of: 100% remote work; you log in when youre ready to sell. Assurance pays both commissions and bonuses. There are no caps on how much you can make, and top agents on the ASSURANCE platform earn over $200,000 in compensation annually. Free calls via inbound shoppers generated from ASSURANCE-owned and operated websites, television commercials, and direct mail. Our Guides prospect calls and transfer interested and qualified prospects to you. Access to our proprietary billion-dollar software platform at no cost to you. The platform has all the tools to empower you to succeed Contract with leading national carriers such as Humana, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, and more. We are limiting the Pod Leader opportunity to less than the top-5% of agents on the ASSURANCE platform. This is truly a best-of-the-best accreditation meant for the best Medicare agents in America. Spots are filling up fast. Requirements to become an ASSURANCE Pod Leader: Current AHIP certification Licensed to sell Medicare in at least 10 states 4 years selling Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement plans Proven track record of Medicare sales success year-round by Jobble