Location San Antonio, TX (Remote till December) Knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, or artificial intelligence. Proficient in programming skills such as Python andor Java, APIs, CICS pipelines and git. Proficient knowledge in industry stand machine learning libraries such as sci-kit learn, pandas , numPy, etc. Proficiency in data movement including Airflow and Kafka. Knowledge of machine learning development platforms such as Domino, Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio and SPSS. Ability to co-develop and provide technical guidance to data scientists on the choice of machine learning approaches. Able to implement and operationalize new algorithms through system and API integration. Understanding of the systemarchitectural constraints for certain algorithms and effectively recommend machine learning solutions. Familiarity with model governance principles Knowledge of model performance metrics and ability to implement model performance monitoring and data accuracy. Ability to explain and present analyses and machine learning concepts to a broad technical audience